Wilford Electrical is primarily Steve and one to two employees and additional established subcontractors, depending on the work needs.

Steve formed the business in 2010, contracting to several air conditioning companies and working directly for homeowners, builders, and shop developers.

For 16 months to late 2017, Steve was employed by a mechanical services company as a sales engineer; leading hand; service electrician and air-conditioning technician.

Wilford Electrical was reformed at the beginning of 2018, with a renewed focus on providing quality services.

Steve’s full-time career in the Electrical Industry started in 2002 after developing an interest from low voltage works in the theater industry and with trailer lighting. The first full-time position was focused on interior fit-out work for bars and offices. 

Later the work also included residential new builds complete electrical, security, and data installations.

A focal area of Steves' former employer's was/is electrical for air conditioning and ventilation services. This ventilation and air conditioning electrical and controls works included: highrise mixed residential and commercial complexes; residential and retail projects; industrial ventilation and office Airconditioning projects.  

Steve has personally installed well over a thousand, and quoted for, supplied and installed hundreds of air-conditioning systems in homes and workplaces.

Prior to starting his trades career, Steve qualified as an occupational therapist and gained an in-depth understanding of human environmental needs depending on their specific circumstances, and preferences.

Wilford Electrical is focused on providing quality and safe services that provide what people want.

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